Video As Lizzy Gold accuses maid of absconding with €1,000

Lizzy Gold accuses maid of absconding with €1,000

The Video As Lizzy Gold accuses maid of absconding with €1,000 goes viral.

Lizzy Gold, the Nollywood actress, has accused her house help of absconding with her 1000 euros.

The film star took to her Instagram to claim that her maid fled to Abia after stealing from her.

She said efforts to reach her housekeeper have been futile, adding that she has “refused to pick up calls.”

“I Am so sad right now …my housekeeper stole my 1000 euro and ran away ….am so hurt…do we still have good people in this world?” she asked.

“There’s this girl. She has been living with me for about six to seven months now. So all of a sudden, yesterday, she told me that she wants to go to Aba. I said why? You don’t want to stay here anymore? She said no, that she wants to go. I said okay.

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“Because she’s always with my ATM, so I said use it and collect your transport fair. First thing tomorrow morning, you go back to Aba. Then I’ll send all the money you’ve worked for into your account.

“So yesterday, because I filmed till about 10 o’clock. I called the house to just check on everybody. I asked my other girl, because there are two of them living with me. So I said where is Success? She said Success just came back, packed her bags, and left.

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“So, I was like, I would just call her mother and check up on her. So I entered into my room. I noticed my drawer, the clothes, were scattered on the ground.

“Immediately my mind went because I kept about 1000 euros there. When I came back from Europe, I had some excess money. I didn’t have the chance to change it. So, I just left it there. I checked the drawer and I didn’t see my money. My 1000 euros was gone. I’ve been calling this girl, but she has refused to pick up my call.

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Gold said she has contacted the police in Aba and is looking forward to getting a positive result.

“Someone gave me a number of police in Aba. I’ve sent her details to them. They are on it. But I don’t know if they can get her,” she said.

“I called the mother. she said they’ve checked her bag and she said she didn’t steal. Me on my own I’ve been monitoring my camera. But I’ve not been able to. Maybe she switched off the machine and collected the money. I’ve not been able to see any footage of her stealing my money.”

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