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beatzjam.com Magazine is a web based digital magazine for African  Music curation, music review and promotion. We like to think of ourselves as the homepage of African music. What we do is cover all PAN African countries with an active music industry, documenting new songs released with details to each entry. We curate and recommend for you the best African songs you should be listening to, you also get to share your views on each music entry on our platform.

The platform was launched in 2020 when the founders realized it is difficult for Africans at home and mostly abroad to find the best and accurate new music releases from their beloved artists, we set out to make this the first official hub for everything relating to the music of Africa. And when we say the homepage of  African Music we truly mean it, that is to tell you we cover all the major African countries with a well functioning music industry, from Africa’s biggest music export Afrobeats to other popular genres like Bongo Music, Amapiano and many more others.

You may not know this but Afrobeats is fast becoming the tune of the future as the genre grows wildly every years with several Africans and non Africans in diaspora craving and consuming new songs from the West African music industry most viable product ‘Afrobeats’ and trust us we are totally here to make times easy and promote this music to many listeners across the globe because that is our only and major target. We have several editors and curators of music from all the major African countries we are covering, see more detail below:

Beatzjam Countries Coverage:

South Africa

This country is obviously a major music force in Africa, they certainly know how to create well successful commercial songs, South Africans exclusive skills for being able to create dance songs will of course be always respected as they are quite good with what they do thanks to the brilliant music producers. We feature and review new song releases from South Africa as this is a very huge industry with several genres trust us to have our best music curators and editors working really hard to filter for you the best of these new music releases. We will of course be covering genres like Amapiano, Gqom, South African House Music, SA Hip Hop, Maskandi, R&B songs, South African Gospel Music and many more other music genres.

Afrobeats: Nigeria & West African Music

This is the biggest African music brand in on the continent and globally. Afrobeats is just a genre but a term coined to brand music coming from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, East Africa and many more other African countries creating the Nigerian sound and style of pop music. Nigeria is the major force when it comes to promoting African music with their several chart topping hits in Europe and the Americas. Afrobeats seems to keep growing far beyond our reach with tens of thousands songs released every week Beatzjam is fast becoming the new Kpop and trust us we are here to offer you the best it has to offer and you will really enjoy your time with this brand as we are here to make your lives easier.

Tanzanian & Kenyan Music

Tanzania Music:

Tanzania major pop music genre is the ever green bongo flava music it is still the most dominating genre in South Africa today, we bring you the latest of the songs coming in from top Tanzanian artists like Diamond Platnumz and many others, and please always expect the best and not junks as our music curators are focused on working with several artists from this country to bring you exclusives and top songs each week.

Kenyan Music:

Even though many times confused with Bongo Music they are not, but these two countries often sing in the same language ‘Swahili’ their pop songs always sound similar which understandable based on their locations, Kenya has so many major stars for which genres popular across the world. There is R&B,Hip Hop, beatzjam, Dancehall artists and many more in Kenya. trust that our music editors will update you with the best releases daily.

beatzjam is the first of its kind on the continent when it comes to the collection of African songs. We cover every other countries based on the creativity of the sounds submitted to us and the popularity of each songs. So if you a African music lover i bet you have found your favorite spot, bookmark our url and experience the best musical feeling!!

Check beatzjam.com daily as we do our best to curate and recommend you the top and best new African music releases, from Amapiano to Bongo music and all SA Music and beatzjam music releases, SEE MORE NEW MUSIC BELOW
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