The Brother of Late Singer AKA, Steffan Forbes Hints At ‘Snake’ – Who Exactly?

The Brother of Late Singer AKA, Steffan Forbes Hints At ‘Snake’ – Who Exactly?

With the murder investigation into AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – still ongoing, all eyes are on his inner circle, who have been labeled “prime suspects” by social media detectives.

The rapper’s younger brother recently hinted at a “snake,” possibly close to the hitmaker, adding fuel to conspiracy theories. The star’s Durban bodyguard, who reflected on his death in an interview this week, adds to the speculation.

On February 10, outside a Florida hotspot in Durban, AKA and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were shot and killed by unknown gunmen. No arrests have been made by police.\

In an Instagram Story over the weekend, AKA’s brother Steffan Forbes shared a cryptic comment that all was not well.

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“Save it,” he wrote alongside a snake emoji.


Soon afterward, AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes posted a pic of her and Steffan embracing. “We will be ok,” she captioned it.

Speaking to Annika Larsen on her eTV show My Guest Tonight, AKA’s longtime Durban bodyguard Anwar “Dogg” Khan shared his views on what he believes went wrong on the night the star was murdered.

The security personnel revealed that the rapper and his friends had “broke protocol” by visiting Wish, the restaurant where he was shot and killed outside.

Khan also claimed that this was facilitated by AKA’s road manager Siya Mdluli, also known as Scorpio Siya.

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Echoing his views was outspoken music commentator Nota Baloyi, who has repeatedly accused AKA’s inner circle of being “involved” in his death.

On his Instagram, he shared a screenshot of a phone call with Siya in the wake of AKA’s death. He wrote in the caption: “He claims that Tibz died in his place. How Sway? @mrcashtime’s brother SET AKA up.”

Tagging the police, Nota added: “Why haven’t you arrested this suspect yet?”

Nota also threw shade at the rest of the entourage.

He continued: “Why is Don Design still pretending to be hurt? Why is Yanga Chief using Kiernan’s memorial for reality show content?”.

On Twitter, he continued his rant. He tweeted: “These guys sat & planned to kill their friend & make it look like the in-laws did it… They had to do it quickly because the Anele inquest had just been closed, so the public needed that narrative to give the Tembes a motive. Ask yourself which friend is pinning it on the in-laws?”

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He added: “People don’t kill for love… They kill for money!”

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