Check Out The Zoleka Mandela Biography, Age, Children, Husband/Boyfriend, House, Net Worth, Illness

Check Out The Zoleka Mandela Biography, Age, Children, Husband/Boyfriend, House, Net Worth, Illness

Basic Information

Stage Name: Zoleka Mandela
Real Name: Zoleka Mandela
Occupation: Author and Activist
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Previously Married

Zoleka Mandela Biography

Zoleka Mandela is a South African author and activist and one of the granddaughters of the late anti-apartheid activist and former president, Nelson Mandela.

Being born into an illustrious name, it was easy navigating the world of South African activism, which she combined with writing. Despite being born to a famous name, Zoleka’s was not the perfect life, as she struggled with addiction early in life, which she would chronicle in her book to give others a sense of direction and purpose.

She was afflicted with breast cancer in 2011 and began treating it. But the cancer would appear five years later, in 2016, gutting her expectations. Her cancer is now said to be terminal and Zoleka herself has made peace with the morbid reality that she might not live to old age. Now, based on what she has been sharing on social media, she is assiduously preparing for her death.

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Zoleka Mandela was born on April 9, 1980, which makes her 43 years at the time of writing. This birthday is especially significant because it is a moment of great introspection, having come to terms with the fact that she is dying and might leave the material plane anytime.


Zoleka Mandela initially had four kids. Unfortunately, she lost two of them years ago. One of her kids did in an accident. It was one traumatic experience that made her begin an initiative to create awareness about road use and safety.


For the most part, people who decide to get married want the best for themselves – permanence in a union that radiates love, harmony and all the good things life can offer. But, of course, not everyone ends up having things the way they plan or wish.

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ZOleka falls into this category in the sense that she was once married (to Thierry Bashala) but the marriage ended years after. Recalling the failure of her marriage, in a post on Instagram, she would note that the union messed up with her mental health, self-esteem and independence.


It is unclear if Zoleka currently has a boyfriend, and who he might be.


Zoleka Mandela’s home has been a subject of great curiosity for some South Africans. However, not much is known about her crib and what went into the making of it. At any rate, it has been said it is a place she is glad to be in. That settles it, then.

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Net Worth

For one dying and already preparing for her death, net worth is of little interest and understandably so. Life is supreme and when life appears to be disappearing before one’s eyes, a lot loses importance and appeal. Anyway, despite not being focused on her net worth at the moment, Zoleka isn’t doing badly with an estimated net worth of $1 million.


It is the dream of many not to fall ill with a terminal illness. But then, as the saying goes, life happens and not all dreams or wishes come true. Zoleka Mandela stands as a painful example. All was going on well in her life until she had a tragic diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with bone metastasis and started having treatments. Sadly, according to her, the cancer returned along the way. At this stage of her illness, she appeared to have given up on living long because, based on her recent post on social media, she is already preparing for her death.

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