Anele Mdoba Gives Financial Advice – ‘Wear What You Can Afford’

Anele Mdoba Gives Financial Advice – ‘Wear What You Can Afford’

Popular South African media persona, Anele Mdoda,  clearly enjoys the social networking app Twitter. When she’s not debating the price of Prime dehydration drinks or slipping an R5 coin between her teeth, she’s giving students some much-needed financial advice about living within their means.

The TV and radio host recently impressed people with her perspective on money and how students who are struggling financially should spend their money.

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Anele Mdoda is a South African celebrity who is active on social media.

The 947 Breakfast Show host spends the majority of her time on Twitter, where she posts about everything and everything on a regular basis.

This time, she demonstrated her financial expertise after a student complained on the app about how he wished he could afford the Nike jumper she shared on her page.

In the young man’s tweet, he shares how he would love it if someone bought him the jersey while adding how his NSFAS allowance would never be enough for the jumper.

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“I need somebody to buy me this😭😭😭 it probably costs more than my nsfas allowance ..kunzima,” he wrote.

To this Anele responded, “You are a student. Wear what you can afford. Life gets better.”


The post received many thumbs up from social media users who have praised Anele for her outlook on life. Many of them shared their personal experiences with money and affordability.

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“So true my niece wore what she could afford now she started working this year and doesnt comprise on her self she bought samsung last number the watch the Buds then a car some cologne for 2k this girl is not playing games. From Zero to 100 after 5 years of being a student,” wrote one person in the comment section.

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