Travis Scott – MY EYES

Travis Scott – MY EYES

The award-wining music artist and songwriter,  Travis Scott  came through with another wonderful track titled  MY EYES. This song was made public by this artist in 2023 and was delivered for the listening enjoyment of his fans world wide.


  • Writer:                 Bosslady
  • Artist(s):              Travis Scott 
  • Track Title:        MY EYES
  • Released Date:  2023
  • Category:            Music
  • File Type:           Audio

Now, it is indubitably confirm that this wonderful tune was carefully composed and delivered by the artist compared to other songs by the artist, and it is now making so much waves all over the world.

The artist was quite excited to inform the fans about this new drop on Twitter and other social media platforms earlier this weekend and you can stream it in all the music platforms.

This song  MY EYES will unquestionably be a joy to your ears and melt hearts, the song is already bombing on popular streaming platforms including Audiomack, Youtube music and Apple music.
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Listen below:

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When I stare in your eyesYou’ll be there foreverTo watch our life (To watch our life together)You just like going to Heaven (My heart)Oh, where are you taking me? (Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah)I’m fallin’, and, I’m drownin’But, you’re takin’ me
One thousand on my feetStacks spreaded on my seatTen thousand on my eyes (Eyes)
Rollie Pollie on my wristGotta make a flight, big day, slummin’ on FaceTimeFifty K, wonderin’ why I’m stormin’ off, no raceI’m brought in by thе blissI was sworn in by the kissLate from the country cadеnceNo peacemaker, I sweep up casesGoin’ on a walk with a new suit onBut, new suit dead, Bottega, that’s on itGive me the heat from the sleep, then I harm herCupid creep in, sleep with a HummerThree time to get me teenStill same phone, AT&TStill givin’ news very vividlyBeef in there, fuck a beefSmokin’ on some vegetari’ (Huh)I need no beef, no cheese (Yeah)Even when I eat, they cheat (Uh)Everytime we meet naive
When I stare in your eyesYou’ll be there foreverTo watch our life (To watch out life together)You just like going to Heav— (My heart)
One thousand on my feetStacks spreaded on my seatTen thousand on my eyes (Eyes)
Yeah, it’s mad how it gets so deepIt’s mad how I gets so hotIt’s mad how you get me by (By)
Look in my eyes, tell me a taleDo you see the road that’s matchin’ my soul?Look, tell me the stats whenever the smoke clear out my faceAm I picture-perfect, or do I look fried?All of that green and yellow that drip from your eyes is tonicTell you demise, I went to my sideTo push back the ceilin’ and push back the feelings, I had to decideI replay them nightsAnd right by my side all I see is a sea of people that ride wit’ meIf they just knew what Scotty would do to jump out the stage and say, “I’m a child”I’m busy creatin’ became the most weighted I gotta find balanceAnd keep me inspired (Hah)Yeah, yeahThat shit wild, instead I’m a heroI took it from zero, LaFlame you sayin’?I read it from miles, this shit wasn’t loveThey got me fucked upI put you on bust and take you aroundA couple of guns inside of that schoolI gave ’em the tools to get it up groundThey say they the ones when they make the errorsCan’t look in the mirror, that shit wildStand on the stage, I give ’em the rageI’m turnin’ it down, can’t turn flowerWe do it for streets, we do it for keeps, we do it for rightsGot 52 weeksThis shit ain’t for pleasure, I’m comin’ to tweakThis shit is forever, and it ain’t feelin’ meRidin’ and rappin’ aroundI take me beat and I turn into a beastBought the crib on a hill, made it harder to reachBought a couple more whips ’cause I needed more speedBought a couple more watches, I needed more timeThey ain’t buy the condo, it was part of the leaseAnd I bought some more ice ’cause I brought in the heatMade her cancel my dick, so she never gon’ cheatIf I gave you a day in my life or a day in my eyes, don’t blink

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